Our Internet provider and acceptable use policy

The connectivity to the V4 and V6 Internet is kindly provided by BELNET. If you are using the wireless at FOSDEM, please take a moment to read the acceptable use policy and nicely adhere to it :-)

Acceptable use policy of BELNET Internet services

a) The customer commits to act conform to the norms and protocols of Internet.
b) The customer may only use the BELNET network under strict legal
regulation. Any use which is in violation of Belgian or international
laws is forbidden. As an active member of ISPA Belgium (Internet
Service Providers Association of Belgium), BELNET totally complies to
the "Collaboration protocol in order to fight against illegitimate
acts on Internet".
In case of suspicion of illegal acts from the customer, BELNET will
collaborate, within the strict scope defined by the law, with the
judicial power to help them with their investigation duties.
c) It is forbidden to use BELNET for any activity having as consequence:
     i.   Unauthorized access to third party data;
     ii. Harming operational activities of BELNET or of Internet in general;
     iii. Harming the use or performance of Internet services for other users;
     iv. Wasting (human, network, computer) resources;
     v. Completely or partially destroying the integrity of computer data;
     vi. Compromising the privacy of users;
     vii. Using the network in order to send messages which are
classified in the categories "harassment" or "spam".
d) The use of the BELNET network is reserved to public services,
education and research. Commercial use as well as intensive personal
use is forbidden.

Network information

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